Cycle Waltham Forest

Cycle1We want to make cycling an enjoyable, safe and easy way of getting around, not just for people who already cycle but for people who might be thinking about cycling but have reservations.

The programme will improve cycling conditions by making routes safer and more direct. Roads will have designated car and cycle areas so that both people who drive and cycle can use the road more easily.

We want to use the scheme to increase cycling among residents. Getting more residents to jump on a bike will improve health and fitness levels, and reduce vehicle emissions to create a more pleasant environment for everyone. We recognise that people need to feel confident whilst cycling so in addition to making routes safer, we offer a range of activities to encourage people to jump on a bike and feel more confident about cycling.

Key benefits of cycling

To individualsTo businessesWider benefits
CheaperMore productive staffHealthier population
HealthierReduced carsLess congested
QuickerBetter use of our roads


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