Enjoy Waltham Forest

The Mini-Holland Programme will benefit the whole community, not just people who cycle.

Town centres, residential areas and routes will be benefit from new pedestrianised areas, pocket parks and public realm improvements to help people feel safer, and make the most of the outdoor spaces in the borough.

Traffic congestion, as well as pollution and noise levels will be reduced creating a greener environment for residents to enjoy. As well as benefiting residents, the scheme will boost the local economy and we'll be involving local businesses in the programme to look at how the scheme can help to support their business.

As a whole the borough will become a more attractive place for residents, businesses and visitors.

Benefits of Mini Holland to Waltham Forest

  • Better roads
  • Improved public spaces
  • More lighting
  • More greenery
  • Events and activities
  • Community interaction
  • Street gatherings


We will arrange events and activities to get residents enjoying the new changes, so make sure you keep an eye out for things happening in your area.


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