Walk Waltham Forest

Mini-Holland will make the borough’s town centres and residential areas better connected via cycling and walking routes, and improve the way we’re connected to our neighbouring boroughs so that it’s easier to get from A to B by bike and on foot.

The programme will improve road conditions for pedestrians so that people feel safe enough to walk for short local journeys and even for a longer leisurely stroll. Crossing points and junctions will be improved to make them safer, and new pedestrianised areas and public spaces will be introduced so that you can explore and enjoy your borough.

Benefits of walking

Walking is a fantastic activity for all and can be done virtually anywhere without special or expensive gear.

Walking is great because:

  • It’s great fitness
  • It's free
  • It makes you feel good
  • It can be done anywhere
  • You can meet new people in your area
  • Anyone can do it


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