Bikehangar installations

November 2018 update

We are now pleased to be able to announce the next phase of Bikehangar consultations.

The next steps in our process will be:

  • December – prepare and deliver localised consultation material for feedback.
  • January – Obtain approval for successful sites ahead of statutory consultation at the selected sites.
  • February – Distribute outcome letters, schedule installations and allocate places to residents.

The streets we will be working with over the next few months.

Downsfield Road E17 8BZ Markhouse Ward
Somerset Road E17 8QN Markhouse Ward
Acacia Road E17 8BW Markhouse Ward
Edinburgh Road E17 7QA Markhouse Ward
Lansdowne Road E17 8QU Markhouse Ward
Park Road E17 7QF Markhouse Ward
Ringwood Road E17 8PP Markhouse Ward
Hove Avenue E17 7NG Markhouse Ward
Lynmouth Road E17 8AQ Markhouse Ward
Lea Bridge Road E10 7AR Lea Bridge Ward
Perth Road E10 7PB Lea Bridge Ward
Pembroke Road E17 9PB Hoe Street Ward
Second Avenue E17 9QH Hoe Street Ward
Browns Road E17 4RN Hoe Street Ward
Falmer Road E17 3BH Hoe Street Ward
Grosvenor Park Road E17 9PG Hoe Street Ward
West Avenue Road E17 9SE Hoe Street Ward
Rectory Road E17 3BG Hoe Street Ward
Aubrey Road E17 4SL Hoe Street Ward
Folkestone Road E17 9SD Hoe Street Ward
Forest Road E17 8AU Hoe Street Ward
Granville Road E17 9BT Hoe Street Ward
Milton Road E17 4SR Hoe Street Ward
Fraser Road E17 9DD Hoe Street Ward
Gandhi Close E17 8LX Hoe Street Ward
North Countess Road E17 5HT Higham Hill Ward
Ardleigh Road E17 5BU Higham Hill Ward
Gloucester Road E17 6AE Higham Hill Ward
Higham Hill Road E17 6ER Higham Hill Ward
Fairfield Road E17 6EW Higham Hill Ward
Carlton Road E17 5RE Higham Hill Ward
Chamberlain Place E17 6AY Higham Hill Ward


October 2018 update

Following our consultation in August 2018 we have analysed the responses received from residents and decided to go forward with the installation of 52 Bikehangars across the borough. For full details of the consultation outcome please see the August 2018 consultation results document under the useful documents panel on the right.