Hire a Bike

Cargo bikes, also known as freight bicycles, carrier cycles and box bikes are human powered vehicles designed and constructed specifically for transporting loads. They are great alternatives to the car and can be used for any journey from the school run to shopping trips, and are perfect for local goods deliveries too.


Cargo bike userWe want to give parents who normally drive their children to school the opportunity and support to try cycling as an alternative to the car. The Christiania bike is the family’s vehicle of choice for local trips to school and the shops in countries like Denmark, Holland and Sweden.

It is designed to carry loads of up to 100 kg with ease, and is very easy to power along with seven low gears. This version has a bench, three point harness and waist belt to accommodate two children.

Bike specification:
- 208 cm long x 85 cm wide
- Three wheels
- 7 gears
- Bench with seat belts and hood
- Carries up to two children
- Weight load capacity 100 kg
- Box size 88 cm x 62 cm
- Gold standard lock and lights
- Hire period - up to 7 days.

Christiania Long - Electric 

Cargo bike 3The Christiania Cargo Long is the biggest 3 wheeled bike on the market and therefore the most versatile, it’s easy to ride and has electric pedal assist to help you along your way. One battery charge can go 30 miles and it charges up from the mains in 2 hours by taking the battery out and plugging it into the adapter provided. It can be adapted to feature any branding and comes with a hood.

Bike specification:
- Box size 118 cm x 62 cm
– Three wheels
– 8 gears
– Weight load capacity 100 kg
– Carries up to two children
– 2 storage boxes
– Hood
– Gold standard lock and lights
- Hire period - up to 7 days.

Bakfiets 2-wheeler

cargi bike 4Capable of carrying heavy and bulky loads with reassuring stability due to the low centre of gravity and rigid construction. It can carry up to two children on one bench, kept safe by two child seat belts. The bike comes with lights and a rear rack for carrying even more cargo.

Bike specifications:
- Dimensions: 225 x 63 x 115 cm
- Cargo Volume: 126 litres
- Cargo Box Dimensions: 70 x 63 x 51 cm
- Max Load: 80 kg.

Standard Adult and Child Bicycles

We have a fleet of standard two-wheeler bikes for you to hire for up to three weeks . These bikes have been made available free of charge to residents in Waltham Forest via the Community Bike Scheme. All that is required is a refundable deposit of £30 whilst the bike is loaned to you.  All bikes come with a helmet, lights and a lock which must all be returned with the bike following the end of your hire period.

Hire a bike for FREE today:

Why not trial one of our cargo bikes or standard bikes free of charge? Simply follow these three easy steps. Please note this scheme is for Waltham Forest residents and businesses.

1) Email us at cyclehire@walthamforest.gov.uk letting us know:
- Which bike you'd like to hire
- How long the hire is for
- The date of hire
- If you're hiring it on your own or as a couple or family - as all users will need to have an induction and quick road test
- Your preferred contact details.

2) We’ll get in touch:
When we receive your email, we’ll check availability and get in touch with you to book you in. A refundable deposit of £100 for a cargo bike and £30 for a standard bike is required on the day of pick up. See Terms and Conditions of hire (below) for more information.

3) We’ll train you up:
As the cargo bikes are different to standard bikes, we’ll invite you down on the day of pick up for an hour long induction and road test, to help you get used to the bike (secure cycle parking is available at the induction location).

Terms and Conditions of Hire

If you are hoping to hire a cargo bike, please familiarise yourself with the below terms and conditions of hire.

  1. The hirer is responsible for the bike hired and it is the hirer’s responsibility to keep the bike safe from damage, loss or theft, use it in a proper manner and not subject it to any misuse or unfair wear and tear.
  2. When using the bike please obey the Highway Code and be considerate of all other road users and pedestrians.
  3. If we are made aware of any antisocial behaviour whilst using the bike, the bike will be recalled immediately and the cargo hire terminated and you will be excluded from hiring the bike ever again.
  4. The user must be over the age of 18, apart from users of children's bikes in which case an adult will be responsible for the bike at all times.
  5. You must provide photographic proof of ID - only a passport or current drivers licence will be accepted.
  6. Lights will be provided and must be used at all time after sunset in accordance with the law.
  7. The hirer will not assign, transfer or subcontract the bike to another party.
  8. The bike must not be left unattended for more than 10 hours where there is public access.
  9. The bike must be locked through the frame with the lock provided by the Council with the bike. Definition of frame - Frame or bicycle frame is considered to mean two triangles; a main triangle and a paired rear triangle.
  10. When not in use the bike must be secured inside a lockable building ie: house, garage/outbuilding, flat, room, shed, where all external doors and windows are locked, and theft is occasioned by a forcible and/or violent entry. In this instance, the bicycle must be stored out of sight, communal hallway, communal outbuilding, purpose built bike container where all external doors and windows are locked and the bicycle has been secured through its frame to an immovable object.
  11. If the bike cannot be locked inside a secure building then it must be locked through the frame to an immoveable object such as a lamp post with a minimum height of three metres (not sign posts) or a bicycle parking stand. Definition of an immoveable object - any solid object fixed in, or on to, concrete or stone, which is not capable of being undone, removed with, or lifted under/over (a minimum of three metres high).
  12. If the bike is lost or stolen, the hirer is responsible for reporting the incident to the Police within five days, and a crime/accident reference number must be provided by the hirer in the event of a theft or an accident.
  13. If the bike is lost or stolen because the hirer has failed to comply with the terms and conditions then the hirer will be liable for the current recommended retail price of the bike.
  14. If the bike is lost or stolen whilst adhering to the terms and conditions an excess of £100 will be required to be paid by the hirer.
  15. The hirer must return the bike in the condition it was lent out or be subject to pay for any damage. Any damage caused by neglect is the hirer’s responsibility and will be charged for.
  16. A £100 deposit will be taken and refunded once the bike is returned and the Council Officer is satisfied the bike is in the same condition as when it was lent out to the hirer.
  17. If you break down on the bike, please call the insurance company on 0333 000 1234 and inform the Road Safety Officer.
  18. Pick up and returns can only be done during opening office hours 9am to 5pm. A late return will result in a “late fee” of £25.00.
  19. The office is situated at London Borough of Waltham Forest, Low Hall Depot, Argall Avenue Leyton E10 7AS (access from South Access Road).
  20. The bike at all times remains the property of London Borough of Waltham Forest and the hirer shall have no right, title or interest in the bike.
  21. You must be a Waltham Forest resident or business to take part in the scheme.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Council Liability and Limitation -
Items of property, cycles or cargo bikes left unsecured or secured within any Cycle Hub for period exceeding short term daily use will be treated as abandoned and will be removed and moved to the Councils store.
The property owner is not entitled to any compensation for any damage caused to the removed property that may occur as a result of its removal.
If the items removed are not reclaimed within 14 days of removal, then ownership will vest in the Council and the removed items will be disposed.
The Council will not be liable for loss or damage to property arising from its removal after exceeding the short term daily use period.
The Council will not be liable for any inability to use any Cycle Hub facility or access your cycles within for any reason.
The London Borough of Waltham Forest reserves the right to alter/amend at any the time the Terms and Conditions at its discretion.

Data Protection Act 1998

Please note that your personal details supplied on this form will be held and/or computerised by Waltham Forest Council for the purposes of processing your membership.
Some personal details will be disclosed to banks and other financial institutions, including insurers, in order to process the payment and/or claims and also with
Police in case of theft or vandalism. Your personal details will be deleted from our system during the month after the date of expiry of your hire period and will not be divulged to any other individuals or organisations for any other purposes.

Useful numbers

If you breakdown or you have an accident during office hours 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday not including Bank Holidays please call 020 8496 3000.
If you have an accident outside of office hours including bank holidays please call 0333 000 1234.