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Thank you for visiting the Enjoy Waltham Forest, residential secure cycle parking page.

We know that finding space to store a bike at home, particularly in smaller properties, is difficult and can discourage people from taking up cycling or limit the number of bikes you can fit in your home.

Enjoy Waltham Forest, currently operates 220 bike hangars across the borough to provide safe, secure and convenient cycle storage to enable residents to cycle more frequently, offering 1,320 secure cycle parking spaces to residents of the borough for an annual cost of £20 per space

In response to demand in 2017, the council accelerated bike hangar delivery installing 111 units from September 2017 to March 2018.

Currently the Council has over 3,000 requests on record for secure cycle parking in the borough.  On average the council receives 250 new requests a month. These request span over 500 streets.

We cannot accommodate all of the requests we receive so we are working hard to prioritise areas of high demand and potential to cycle more, as well as evaluating all applicants to ensure we offer places to those who need it most.

We apologise that we are unable to provide everyone with a space in one of our bikehangars and will keep everyone on our database to help guide our future delivery.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and will keep you informed with all developments.

What’s next. June 2018 update

We are now very please to be able to release the next phase for bike hangar delivery, which is summarised below.

The processes that has been used to establish a sound basis for the 2018/19 expansion programme is set out below.

  • Identify wards with low or no units currently.
  • Identify areas with low requests and engage locally.
  • Prioritise streets without facilities.
  • Focus on areas with high density housing populations and reduced access to front or back garden space.
  • Ensure the distribution of facilities is fair and equitable across all wards as far as practical based on demand
  • Review areas with excessive high demand.

Using the approach and processes above a further 50 roads have been identified as potential locations for bikehangars.

The next steps in our process will be:

  • June – Identify sites.
  • July – prepare and deliver localised consultation material for feedback.
  • August – Obtain approval for successful sites.
  • September – Statutory consultation on the proposed changes to the highway at the selected sites.
  • October –  Distribute outcome letters and schedule successful installations.

The streets we will be working with over the next few months.

Cann Hall Ward -

  • Ramsay Road, Kingsdown Road, Matcham Road, Montague Road, Napier Road, Cheneys Road, Dames Road, Harrow Road, Eve Road, Wragby Road and Malvern Road.

Cathall Ward -

  • High Road Leytonstone, Langthorne Road, Leslie Road, Millais Road, Norman Road and Woodlands Road.

Chapel End Ward -

  • Chingford Road, Aveling Park Road, Thorpe Road, Douglas Avenue, Brookscroft Road, Farnan Avenue, Lewis Avenue, Spencer Road, Fulbourne Road, Spruce Hills Road and Sturge Avenue.

Forest Ward -

  • Canterbury Road, Forest Glade, Lyndhurst Drive and Poppleton Road,

Grove Green Ward -

  • Brunswick Road, Murchison Road and Richmond Road.

Leyton Ward -

  • Grange Park Road, Primrose Road, Sophia Road and Thant Close.

Leytonstone Ward -

  • Hainault Road, Percy Road, Wadley Road, Cavendish Drive, Wallwood Road and Woodville Road

Wood Street Ward -

  • Brunswick Street, Barclay Road, Shernhall Street, Parkstone Road, Evelyn Road, Ferndale Avenue and Maynard Road.

Is there a waiting list I can be included on to use an existing Bikehangar?

Whenever we install Bikehangars, they are often full upon installation. This is due to previous requests which initiated the delivery of the unit.

Applicants register their interest by street address, rather than for any specific unit. This collective registration helps us fill spaces quickly and prioritise future delivery to high demand areas.

Express your interest in an existing Bikehangar or to suggest one that may be needed on your street – please complete the below form.
Create your own user feedback survey


If you have any problems with your Bikehangar then please contact Cyclehoop on 020 8699 1338.

If you have any questions, please read our FAQs or email us. 

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Please note that due to the high demand for cycle parking, we are unable to contact you individually regarding the status of your request. We will use your request to collate interest for your area and will contact you if your street has been shortlisted for a bikehangar.

What is a bikehangar?
A bikehangar is a secure cycle storage unit that provides a solution to bike parking. Each hangar provides space for six bicycles and measures 2.5 metres x 2 metres. This is equivalent to half a car parking space.

Where is my closest bike hangar?
For a list of existing bike hangar locations, please visit The bikehangars are incredibly popular, and most spaces are occupied. We review spaces on a monthly basis and contact anyone who is eligible to take up a space.

How are bike hangars funded?
The bikehangars have been installed and subsidised by the Borough Cycling Programme, Transport for London (TfL) Mini-Holland funding, and TfL Local Implementation Plan (LIP) funding.

How much does it cost?
The bikehangars can be rented for £30 per year per bike, with a £25 key deposit, which is returned when the key is returned.

How does the Council select the streets to propose a bike hangar?
Streets are primarily chosen based on where there is the most demand however some bike hangars have been installed on roads with less interest to evenly distribute cycle parking across the borough, raise awareness of the bikehangar scheme and encourage more people to cycle.

How is the hangar location chosen?
Our aim is to make cycle parking as easy and accessible as it is to park a car. This gives peace of mind to the users regarding their own safety and their possessions.
We asses a number of aspects to ensure we select safe and secure locations;

• Proximity to requests
• The proposed location should be overlooked form both sides of the street wherever possible.
• Install units within the normal run of parked cars. The flow of parked cars softens the visual impact that the facility has on the street.
• Avoid siting hangars at the ends of roads and junctions. This is to avoid the unit being struck by turning vehicles and so as not to pose a hazard to pedestrians crossing by obscuring driver site lines.

How are bike spaces allocated? Will I get a space if I respond first?
Unlike other boroughs we do not allocate spaces on a first-come-first-served basis. We allocate spaces using an equitable and balanced points based system built into the application process, to ensure we prioritise access to those who need it most.

Using this system we assign one space per home to ensure that the facility benefits the wider community. We do not make any decisions on assigning spaces until the units ins scheduled for installation.

This allows anyone on the street to apply during the consultation period and have their application considered. Thereafter should any vacancies become available, we review this on a monthly basis and us the same priority scoring process.
Do I have to own the house to volunteer to have the bikehangar outside where I live?
No. As the highways authority, we do not require permission from the property owner to install a bikehangar in the carriageway. A bikehangar occupies half a vehicle parking space, and we try to position the hangar in locations most accessible to the demand, away from trees and utility services, and where community surveillance is highest.

How many spaces can I hire?
Due to the popularity of the scheme and to ensure as many homes benefit from the service as possible we will only assign one space per household, until demand is met in full on the street.

How secure are they?
We generally locate bikehangars in front of homes to benefit from the extra surveillance that generates. While we do not conduct security checks on applicants, the bikehangars are very secure. We always recommend using a very good D-Lock and not a cable lock. We do rely on other users of the bikehangar to ensure the lock is secured when leaving the hanger.

Your bike is left at your own risk. Cyclehoop and the Council are not responsible for the loss, damage and theft of bicycles, locks or other items stored in the units.

Are they noisy?
No, the hinge mechanism helps lift the door and close the door so there are no loud bangs. We also send out a starter pack which advises users to be considerate of their neighbours when using the bikehangar.

How do I cancel my membership?
We rely on residents to let us know when they are no longer using the bikehangar, or moving out of the area. To return your key, please visit for a return form and postal address.

Please note: passing your keys onto another resident is a violation of the Cycle Hoop’s terms and conditions. This damages the fair waiting list system as well as putting the safety of other users at risk. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate cancellation of the subscription as well as a lifetime ban from using the service.

How do I pay my subscription?
You will receive an email from Cycle Hoop advising whether you have been successful in receiving a hangar space, and will be provided with payment details. Please note, you have two weeks to make the payment, before your space is reallocated.

I have a question about a station cycle hub. Who do I contact?
Station cycle hub enquiries should be forwarded to

What happens if I lose my key?
In the event that you lose your key, please contact Cycle Hoop immediately at Replacement keys cost £25 which must be paid for in advance. Replacement keys have a lead time of three working weeks and you will receive them at the postal address on your account.