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Thank you for visiting the Enjoy Waltham Forest, residential secure cycle parking page.

We know that finding space to store a bike at home, particularly in smaller properties, is difficult and can discourage people from taking up cycling or limit the number of bikes you can fit in your home.

Since 2015 we’ve installed over 110 bikehangars across the borough to provide safe, secure and convenient cycle storage to enable residents to cycle more frequently.

The scheme has been so successful that we have now received over 3,500 requests from residents hoping to use a secure cycle hangar or get one near them.

We cannot accommodate all of the request we receive so we are working hard to prioritise areas of high demand and potential to cycle more, as well as evaluate all applicants to ensure we offer places to those who need it most.

We apologise that are been unable to provide everyone with a space in one of our bikehangars and will keep everyone on our database to help guide our future delivery.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and will keep you informed with all developments.

Current locations

Bikehangars have been installed borough wide, for a full list click here.

What's next

We have plans to deliver another 40 bikehangars by Autumn 2017 and are proactively seeking locations for the next phases of delivery. We aim to deliver an additional  80 units in the next 6 -8 months.

We select installation sites depending upon:

  • Demand from local residents
  • The number of bike thefts in the local area
  • Community support from local residents
  • An equitable distribution across the borough

New sites are selected and delivered every 6 months, subject to available funding.

Potential sites are proposed in the immediate vicinity of properties who have shown interest and then consulted on with the wider community. This takes around 8 – 12 weeks.

Once a proposed site is received positively and funding secured, the proposal moves into an installation phase. This take around 8 – 12 weeks.

Is there a waiting list I can be included on to use an existing Bikehangar?

Whenever we install Bikehangars, they are often full upon installation. This is due to previous requests which initiated the delivery of the unit.

Applicants register their interest by street address, rather than for any specific unit. This collective registration helps us fill spaces quickly and prioritise future delivery to high demand areas.

Express your interest in an existing Bikehangar or to suggest one that may be needed on your street – please complete the below form.
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If you have any problems with your Bikehangar then please contact Cyclehoop on 020 8699 1338.

If you have any questions, please read our FAQs or email us. 

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