Community Bike Scheme

In a bid to give everyone in Waltham Forest the opportunity to have access to a bicycle, the Council are distributing a fleet of bikes to Waltham Forest residents via a number of projects

Each project will give the provision of a bike, at a little or no cost, but also the chance of cycle training and an introduction to the new cycling network in the borough

The Community Bike Scheme will potentially engage with approx. 700 residents per annum

The proposed projects are:

• Primary School Bike Project
• Secondary School Bike Project
• Bike Hire Project
• Colleges Project
• Community Group Project




How does it work?

Schools will be loaned a fleet of bikes on a long-term basis
Bikes can be then rented by the school community; parents, pupils and staff completely free of charge so that they can ride to and from school each day
Bikes will be rotated each term between schools engaged with the TfL STARS school travel plan scheme
Schools currently with bikes are:
o Mission Grove – Going for Gold for STARS
o Davies Lane – Going for Gold for STARS
Currently there are 38 bikes available via this scheme which are a variety of adult and kids frames












How does it work?
Similar to the Primary School Project, schools will be loaned the bikes on the long-term basis
Bikes can be shared for cycle training during PE lessons or give to individual members of staff or students who wish to cycle to school each day
Again, bikes will be rotated each term, 8 bikes at each school per term
Students must write a bid to explain why they would like to use the bikes
Participating schools must be engaged with the TfL STARS scheme
The bikes are currently based at Willowfield Humanities College



How does it work?

This project will be an extension of the Cargo Bike hire scheme, whereby you can hire a bike completely free of charge
For the rental of a standard bicycle, there is a required deposit of £30 which is refunded when the bike is returned
You can hire one of these bikes for up to 14 days
We have available ten adult bikes in both men and ladies frames and two children's bikes (24inch and 16inch)
All bikes come with a helmet, lights and a lock which must all be returned with the bike following the end of your hire period
You can make a booking by visiting our 'Hire a Bike' page or clicking through here




How does it work?

Bikes will be on long-term hire to students of Waltham Forest College as a part of the Alternative Learning stream
Bikes will be used to teach students bicycle mechanics and for on-road cycle training. This is to encourage more students to ride to and from college or work as well as have the knowledge and skills to maintain their bikes
Five bikes are correctly at Waltham Forest College





How does this work?

A number of bikes have been given on a long-term loan basis to some for the borough's local community cycling groups
Groups include the Hornbeam Joyriders, the Cycle Sisters, C.O.G and Salaam Peace
Each group offers led group rides or cycle training available for free to residents
If you would like more information about these local clubs, please contact