Hilltop Area

In 2015 Waltham Forest Council engaged with the local community in the Hoe Street and Wood Street area on a range of traffic reduction, road safety and environmental improvements as part of the Enjoy Waltham Forest Scheme.

The aim of the proposals put forward were to:

  • Reduce the volume, speed and impact of traffic using residential roads in the area
  • Improve road safety for everyone
  • Encourage more local trips to be made on foot, by bike and by public transport
  • Improve the appearance of the local environment.

Following the public consultation held in Autumn 2015 the majority of proposals were implemented, however in response to local feedback the council decided to defer the introduction of any proposals in the Hilltop area (the area bounded by Howard Road, Forest Road, Shernall Street and Church Hill, shown in the map below) until the design of the Bell Junction (Hoe Street/Forest Road junction) was complete and approved, and any changes required in the surrounding residential roads to support the new junction layout were fully understood. The council also agreed to review the original proposals for the Hilltop area and re-engage with local residents on any updated plans, taking into consideration the final design for the Bell Junction. A link to the Hoe Street and Wood Street update letter setting this out can be found at


The public consultation on the Bell Junction and associated traffic direction changes in Howard Road (between Seaford Road and Forest Road) took place in summer 2017 and the proposals were generally well received. We have been working with Transport for London (TfL) on the detailed junction layout and signal design to ensure that it balances the needs of all road users, including the large number of buses that use Hoe Street and Chingford Road. We are now at a stage where the Bell Junction design is substantially
complete and we are starting to look at the section of Forest Road between Bell Junction and Wood Street, taking into consideration emerging plans for the Town Hall Campus redevelopment. We therefore feel this is the appropriate time to re-engage with residents in the Hilltop area on highway improvement plans.

We held a workshop in the Hilltop Area in September 2019 with local residents and businesses to help us shape plans for the area. The workshop included a presentation and group exercises where residents were able to give their views on how to make the area safer and easier to travel around. Attendees were able to share ideas on where traffic management measures may be required, where new crossings may be needed, where junctions could be improved and where we could create new and better public spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Following the workshop we will now analyse the feedback received and ideas raised, and will use these to develop plans for the area for further consultation in early 2020.