Markhouse Area

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The Markhouse Area is the final residential scheme in the Enjoy Waltham Forest programme. The area is framed by Hoe Street, Selbourne Road, Markhouse Road and Lea Bridge Road.

The improvements will complement previous work in the area and in the neighbouring Walthamstow Village, Hoe Street-Wood Street area and Leyton Town Centre schemes, as well as the current improvements taking place along Lea Bridge Road and at Walthamstow Central. Returning the streets to local people is a key feature of the scheme. By discouraging non-local traffic moving through the area, we can make the streets safer, quieter and more enjoyable.

The scheme will help create a better environment for walking and cycling, will support the local economy by making the shopping experience more pleasant, and will aim to improve the overall look and feel of the area with more greenery and planting, which the community can take pride and ownership of.

The Markhouse Area scheme aims to:

  • Reduce the amount of non-local traffic
  • Improve the look, feel and safety of the streets for all
  • Improve routes to and from local schools, shops and places of interest.
  • Encourage people to use sustainable, active and healthy modes of transport.

Following workshops held with residents and businesses earlier this year we have developed our proposals further, taking on board the feedback received where possible. To ensure the planned improvements are effective they have been combined into groups of proposals, this is because the proposed improvements in each group are reliant on each other and need to be delivered together. The proposals include timed road closures, traffic direction changes, road closures to motor vehicles, environment and public realm improvements.

To view the full proposals visit:

Have your say

We invited residents, businesses and visitors to the area to share their views on the proposed improvements. This was done through our online questionnaire on from Monday 10 September until Sunday 30 September 2018.

Printed copies of the questionnaire were also available on request, by email or call 020 8496 1029.

Alternatively you could come along to an informal drop-in session to discuss the plans.

We held sessions on:

  • Tuesday 18 September – 12pm to 3pm Mission Grove Primary School, Buxton Road, London, E17 7EJ
  • Thursday 20 September – 5pm to 8pm Queen’s Road Community Centre, 215 Queens Road, E17 8PJ
  • Saturday 22 September – 10am to 1pm Thomas Gamuel Primary School, Colchester Road, E17 8LG

If you have any questions about the consultation you can also email

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