Markhouse Village

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Markhouse Village is one of a series of residential areas in the borough that was earmarked for changes under the Enjoy Waltham Forest Programme. It is home to 5,832 households, including residents and businesses, and popular with people who walk and cycle travelling to Walthamstow Central, Walthamstow Market and shopping centre, Lea Bridge Road, Bakers Arms and further into Leyton.

Following the recent series of early engagement workshops ahead of the consultation coming later in the year we are now meeting with businesses, places of worship and schools who are key stakeholders in the Markhouse Village scheme.

We want everyone to get involved and will be asking for views and suggestions on the proposals for the overall scheme. This will begin in September when we launch our consultation open to residents and businesses in the area. We hope that the area will become a more enjoyable place to live and work. Suggestions and questions can also be emailed to

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