Play Streets

Waltham Forest Council supports residents who want to host regular or one-off events on quiet residential roads.

Whether celebrating a national event, such as a royal wedding with a street party, or hosting a monthly Play Street, residents must apply to the council for permission to close their road.Image of a girl playing crazy gold

Closures are not possible on main roads or on streets which include bus routes, they will only be agreed in locations where alternative vehicle access routes are available.
Residents should consult with their neighbours to ensure there is support for their event, before applying to the council.

World Car Free Day: Sunday 22 September 2019

This year Waltham Forest Council is encouraging residents to get involved with the network of events which are taking place across the capital. More than 20km of roads will be closed to motor vehicles and replaced with children playing in the streets, jumble trails, food sharing and parties.

For streets holding an event on Sunday 22 September 2019 the council will provide some basic play equipment to help get the party started.

Applications must be made by Friday 23 August 2019.

How to apply

Once you have consulted with your neighbours and gained support for your Street Party or Play Street please download the guidance and fill in the application form from the useful documents box on the right.

Applications and any queries should be emailed to