Schools and colleges

Mini Holland schools cycling

With half of all car trips made in outer London being less than two miles and the school run now accounting for at least one in every five cars on London’s roads, the Enjoy Waltham Forest programme aims to increase sustainable forms of transport and encourage more people to walk and cycle.

We recognise that schools and colleges are important to the successful delivery of the improved infrastructure, and the much needed cultural change to get more people walking and cycling regularly, especially for the daily ‘school runs’.

We have been working with local schools to encourage staff, parents and pupils to travel to school in a more sustainable way. We have been encouraging schools to take part in the Transport for London STARS programme. In 2018 more than 50 schools had achieved an accredited status.

Walk to School Week 2019

This year’s National Walk to School Week is taking place 20-24 May and Waltham Forest Council’s Behaviour Change team has invited all schools to take part in the initiative.

Nationally less than half of primary school children walk to school, but in Waltham Forest the majority of our schools have a catchment area of less than a mile. We know walking to school makes children feel happier and healthier and helps to reduce congestion and pollution outside the school gates. We want to see every child that can, walk to school.

Group of children walking in a line along the street

In 2018, 45 primary schools across the borough signed up to Walk to School Week and over 20,000 children took to the streets for the week. This year we would like to see even more schoolchildren taking part and celebrating the benefits of walking this year.

We are challenging pupils to walk at least a mile each day (only 20 minutes) and to collect walking stickers from their teacher.

Teachers, if you would like your school to participate in this free initiative get in touch by emailing: