Forest Road

Update: 30.08.18

Work is taking place at the junction of Palmerston Road / Forest Road / Higham Hill Road. 

The proposed improvements for the junction include:

  • Re-paving the footways, and paving new areas of footway to brighten up the area and create an attractive, well-defined space to walk.  This will also enhance and complement the surrounding buildings and help to give more definition to the area;
  • Planting more trees to soften the streetscape and create more pleasant spaces for pedestrians, as well as helping to tackle air pollution.  Please note: all trees are subject to underground services, which can only be fully confirmed once on-site. 
  • Introducing several raised planted beds for local residents and businesses to adopt and maintain. These will help to create separation between the road and footways, and complement the trees to soften the appearance of the area and create year-round colour and interest.  Please note we would require agreement from local residents and businesses that they will maintain the beds before we can implement them. 
  • Introducing more cycle parking stands to help and encourage residents to walk and cycle more.


Forest road

Get involved in the public consultations for the Blackhorse Road junction and Hoe Street junction before 28 July 2017.

Forest Rd Update 



Works progressing well on Forest Rd from the fire station on the north side to Luton Rd. On the south side works are underway on Russel Rd junction.









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