Markhouse Road

Markhouse Road Linear Park

Construction of parts of the Leyton to Blackhorse route along Markhouse Road started in September 2016 and was completed in 2017.

These works have helped improve Markhouse Road by providing a segregated cycle lane on both sides of the road between South Grove and Boundary Road, blended ‘Copehagen’ crossings along both sides of the road, as well as a new linear park on the east side leading to Boundary Road.

On average more than 700 cyclists are recorded as riding through our Markhouse Road cycle counter every day.

In July 2019 the council is proposing to extend the existing segregated cycling and walking facilitates from Boundary Road down to the junction with Lea Bridge Road, providing a better connected and safer environment for our residents.

As part of the extended Markhouse Road scheme, as well as providing segregated cycle lanes on both sides of Markhouse Road the council is intending to improve bus stop facilities and upgrade the existing pedestrian crossing to a “Toucan” crossing, which can accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians. We will also install additional blended crossings on the side streets and upgrade existing ones. More details of our plans can be viewed on the map in the useful documents on the right of this page.