Liveable Neighbourhoods – Coppermill


Waltham Forest Council was recently successful in securing funding from Transport for London as part of its Liveable Neighbourhoods programme, to enhance the Coppermill area and make it easier and safer for people to get around on foot, by bike or public transport.

The Coppermill area is bounded by Forest Road and the Walthamstow Wetlands to the north, Blackhorse Road, St James Street and Markhouse Road as far as Saint Saviour’s Church to the east and the Lower Lea Valley Park to the west. Over the next two years, we will be working with local people to find out how they get around, what travel barriers they face, and what improvements they would welcome, so that we can work together to
develop plans to improve the area.

In order to get started we want to discover how our residents, parents, school children and local employers use the local roads and green spaces, and find out what improvements people want to see to encourage more sustainable modes of travel locally.

Many of you will have already seen the recent works we have completed to improve the path beneath the railway arch at Essex Road and Salop Road, by adding a beautiful wildflower pocket park to tackle flooding problems and adding a lighter coloured footpath to brighten the area, particularly of an evening and during the winter months. This is just one example of the changes the council could make to improve the area and we want to hear your views on what the issues are and what else could be done.

How to get involved
To inform our planning we would like to hear how you get around the area and your opinions on the type of improvements that could be made.

You can do this easily online by registering on the Commonplace website and visiting the Coppermill Village page. Here you will be able to pinpoint areas on a local map and share your thoughts on the area, and suggest any changes you would like to see made.

Your comments will feed into our plans, which we will start to develop over the summer and autumn. This is just the first step to shaping what you would like to see in the area. Your feedback at this early stage is really important, so please talk to your neighbours and the local community to get started.

Have your say
Visit and provide your feedback.
To keep up to date on all future information on this Liveable Neighbourhood programme, please select the prompt to register for the CommonPlace blog.

If you would like to participate in a paper survey then write to with your postal address, and we will send you a copy in the post.

We are welcoming views and comments until 10 August 2018.