Liveable Neighbourhoods – Coppermill

Waltham Forest Council successfully secured funding from Transport for London as part of its Liveable Neighbourhoods programme, to enhance the Coppermill area and make it easier and safer for people to get around on foot, by bike or public transport.

The Coppermill area is bounded by Forest Road and the Walthamstow Wetlands to the north, Blackhorse Road, St James Street and Markhouse Road as far as Saint Saviour’s Church to the east and the Lower Lea Valley Park to the west.

In the July 2018 we launched a perception survey to understand how residents, visitors and businesses felt about the area and how they travel around it. The results of this survey can be found in the box to the right.

During the autumn of 2018 we piloted our first community comments signs,
inviting residents and businesses to write their thoughts about seven key
locations identified through the perception survey, and held a number of
pop-up events in the area to speak with local people. We also hosted a led
cycle ride and walk of the area.

In April 2019 we held two co-design workshops with local residents, businesses and accessibility groups where participants were able give their views on initial concepts for improvements.  

How to get involved

Throughout May 2019 we are trialling two potential new road layouts on a section of Coppermill Lane for two weeks each, to establish whether proposed changes will make the street safer for pedestrians and cyclists, and meet the needs of local businesses. 

Picture of a sign and temporary traffic bollards in the middle of the highway

Trial 1 on Coppermill Lane

This first trial is a version of a "Cycle Street" which separates the two lanes of traffic with a physical barrier, during this temporary trial this has been created with traffic "wands". This allows cyclists to adopt a central position in the road and prevents motor vehicles from overtaking, unless within a designated passing space.

This trial will be in place for two weeks, then it will be dismantled and a second trial installed by 20 May, for a further two weeks.

The second trial will see the road narrowed, providing additional space for pedestrians. This will be created through temporary kerbs and the use of the traffic wands. Passing spaces will again be provided in the design.

To share your views on the Coppermill Lane trials you can leave your comments on the Community Comments boards which have been placed at either end of the trial section. We will also be on site to gather the views of road users on during this time.

Essex Road public space improvements

We have identified a number of improvements that we would like to progress in advance of the main scheme, particularly those that build on the previous work we have done in the area over the last 12 to 18 months.

We are currently planning to extend the public space improvements from the north side of the Essex Road railway bridge through to the south side, as well as improving the current junction layout with South Access Road.
To assist the development of designs for these improvements, we would like to invite local residents to attend an informal pop-up event. This will be a great opportunity for us to show you our current ideas and to gather your feedback and local knowledge to help influence the final scheme.

Please join us on Monday 13 May 2019 from 3pm-6pm at the Essex Road railway bridge to find out more. 

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the Coppermill Area Liveable Neighbourhoods programme please email 

To keep up to date with events please keep visiting this page or sign up to the Coppermill blog, where you can receive updates directly via email.